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A.K. CHESTERTON: William JOYCE - WW2 - German English language text book:

WW2 Anti-British text book in English.  Hirt's Englandkundliches Lesebuch fur Die Oberstufe an Oberschulen. Edited by Heinrich Fischer. 1st ed. 1942. Published in the ENGLISH LANGUAGE by Ferdinand Hirt, Breslau. Tan boards with a photograph of Stratford on Avon on the front cover.  6" x 9" tall. 220pp (includes long bibliography in German and English). Written for high school and college students in English to acquaint them with the history of England based on different ideas or quotes from sources that were agreeable to the wartime German regime. In other words, a highly convoluted history of England. Many black and white photos and illustrations.Chapters include: Foundations of English Life and Civilization; Shakespeare's England; The English Character, Its Essence and Its Shaping; Economic and Social England; English Democracy; England and the Jews; British Imperialism; Eire. Writers and others quoted for this book include: ROBERT BRIFFAULT--a chapter of his 'Decline and Fall of the British Empire' used for propaganda purposes; K. DERRY: 'British History from 1782-1933; JOHN RUSKIN: "Unto This Last'; ODETTE KEUN: 'I Discover The English'; A.K.CHESTERTON: Portrait of a Leader--short piece in the book about the Jewish and Red hatred about Oswald Mosley; 'The Eighth Crusade: Uncensored Disclosures of a British Staff Officer; W.JOYCE (aka Lord Haw-Haw): 'Twilight Over England'; J.W. GREGORY: 'The Menace of Colour'--on Australian 'sacrifice to keep Australia white', Madison Grant etc.  Very Good copy


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