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Arthur Graham Glasgow - Making Democracy and the World Mutually Safe.

Arthur Graham Glasgow  -   Making Democracy and the World Mutually Safe.  Printed for the Author; Norfolk, VA; 1943; First Edition; 44 Pages; Very Good; Political Science; Contents clean and tight in original cream printed wrappers. "Why must democracy forever fear aggression, or Facsism or Communism or Any-ism, when it might readily become presently impregnable and, therefore, ultimately universal -- if we so choose?" Arthur Graham Glasgow (1865-1955) was the brother the author Ellen Glasgow of Richmond, Virginia. He was a respected engineer and one of the founders of Humphreys and Glasgow, Ltd. an engineering and construction firm located in London. Recently, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts received about $100 million from the trusts established by Arthur Graham Glasgow andhis wife Margaret Branch.  The author touches on the usless of Gold and it's hording in bank vaults. 


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