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British Union Friends of Italy - Fascist Symposium 1938 Ezra Pound,

British Union Friends of Italy -  Fascist Symposium 1938 Ezra Pound  VOLUME ONE SECOND EDITION MILAN - FEBRUARY 1939   

FASCIST EUROPE -FUROPA FASCISTA - Collection of essays edited by Erminio Turcotti  dual language Italian &  English language and published under the auspices of the National Institute of Fascist Culture of Pavia.  Printed in Milan, 1939 pages 160  24x17ca size, paperback. very good condition  Volume one of which no other volumes were produced.  It was a vehicle for The British Union of Fascists and  their Italian counterparts, many of the contributors being BUF members based in Italy.  These include John A. Celli, founder of the Milan branch of the BUF and Col. Cyril Rocke chairman of the BU friends of Italy.  Also contributing is Ezra Pound.  The Anglo-Italian Symposium held at the National Institute of Fascist Culture  at Pavia, Italy, October 1938. Presentations by Arnaldo Mussolini,  Rev H. E. B. Nye, (BUF)  Rear Admiral W. E. R. Martin, (BUF)  Lt Col Cyril Rocke (BUF)   E.G. Mandeville Roe (BUF)  E. Turcotti,  John A. Celli, (BUF), Ezra Pound,  F. C. Copleston SJ,  Benigno Crespi,  Prof C. E. Ferri,   John F. Hubbard.  Subjects covered include Towards a New Primacy, The Religious Peace of Europe, Fascism versus Democracy, Mussolini Fidei Defensor, An Appeal to English Youth, The Religious Unity of Europe, Italy and England,  Influence of the British Press on the Public, Financiers Enemies of Fascism.  Held at the National Institute of Fascist Culture at Pavia, Italy October 1938.


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