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Barruel, Abbe. - History of Jacobinism. Vol 4 - Ireland Supplement

Barruel, Abbe. Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism.  THE ANTI-SOCIAL CONSPIRACY PART 2. THE SECOND & LARGEST  OF A TWO PART STUDY OF THE ILLUMINATI (VOLUMES 1&2 DEAL WITH THE PHILOSOPHERS & ANTI-CHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY)    + 50 page supplement on Jacobinism in Ireland. Scarce ILLUMINATI - 1798  In original condition , unbound pre-binding , publisher's plain  boards, pages untrimmed.  binding loose, book block split in several places.  LACKS  title page, but comes with an interesting contemporary note.    The  contemporary study utilised by all serious students of the Illuminati, secret societies and Freemasonry together with their role in the French Revolution.  Originally translated from the French by the Hon. Robert Clifford, F.R.S. & A.S. and published in four volumes   "Volume 4 - The Antisocial Conspiracy" pt 2, 


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