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(SOLD) Timayenis, Telemachus. THREE VOLUMES

"The Original Mr Jacobs - A Startling Expose"   1888 - "Judas Iscariot - An Old Type in  A New Form" 1889  - "The America Jew - An Expose of His Career"  1888,   New York, The Minerva Publishing Co., 308pp.,  292pp.,   219pp..   Outrageously anti-Jewish studies modelled on Edouard Drumont's La france Juive. Timayenis, a well known Greek scholar disapproved of Drumont's attack on Freemasons & Protestants.   Popular thesis' in their day,  they contain many accusations that that the Jewish community have exposed as canards. 1st editions bound  in original three quarter leather binding, with restored spine, gilt titles.   Where as "The Original Mr Jacobs" is not uncommon, the other two are very scarce.  Very attractive copy of a notorious set of books.   Very rare!


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