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The Spectator 1921 - Russian Tragedy - Palestine Blunder

Several original articles contained within the long running and still famous Spectator Magazine. Edited by  John St Loe Strachey.   Mostly are anti-Bolshevik / Anti-Zionist/Jewish editorials.  The journal  promoted the works of Nesta Webster.  This is a bound volume January-June 1921 & contains a wealth of articles, letters on the subject, articles on Bolshevism and Zionism, Palestine, Labour, much about The Duke of Northumberland's speech on World Revolution - letters from Lord Sydenham  unrest in Palestine, where a once harmonious population of Moslems & Jews lived in peace, now being subverted by Zionist / Bolshevik Jews.  In One article Stachey notes that Bolshevism is so top heavy with Jews, Moscow resembles Palestine. , that    etc.  Copies of this journal from this particular period are rare.


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