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Eleventh Hour -Emergency Bulletin For New Britain - Number 13

Eleventh Hour -Emergency Bulletin For New Britain - Number 14 Eleventh Hour -Emergency Bulletin For New Britain - Number 14 October 10th 1934.  Fortnightly.    New Britain, New Europe founded in 1932 by Bosnian immigrant  Dimitrije Mitrinovic.   The New Britain Movement was a radical movement : it wants a change of the financial system based on the work of Professor Frederick Soddy; workers'  control in industry through National Guilds as proposed by S.G. Hobson, and a House of Industry independent of the House of Commons; Cultural Guilds with an autonomous House of Culture in place of the House of Lords; and radical devolution and federation, national, European, Commonwealth, and world-wide. Groups were started all over the country, and the movement was supported by a weekly paper, New Britain and later by the Eleventh Hour. The New Britain Movement came to an end in 1935-36. The New Europe Group continued  its activities with the publication of the quarterly journal New Atlantis . After the death of Mitrinovic in 1953 the New Atlantis Foundation was created to ensure the continuation of his work and the spread of his ideas.


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