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New Britain - a Weekly Organ of National Renaissance Vol. 1 No 9

 New Britain - a Weekly Organ of National Renaissance Vol. 1 No 9.    scarce journal, associated with the "Social Credit Movement" but with the contributors coming from most Monetary reform movements & ideas.  This journal is totalitarian, although leans towards a utopian socialist ideal, against all dictatorship & war.   After resigning as editor of Everyman, C.B. Purdom became editor of New Britain - a Weekly Organ of National Renaissance which was intended to put forward the ideas of the New Britain group. The first issue was dated 24th May 1933.  Purdom edited 48 issues ending with the one dated 18th April 1934. The New Britain movement was a non-party association to discuss political, economic and social subjects in the spirit of national renaissance. Groups sprang up throughout the country. A conference was held in Leamington Spa in the spring of 1934, but was chaotic, and according CBP was "the beginning of the end" of the short-lived organisation.  The paper was launched with high hopes. In the first issue, an article "The World We Live In" began as follows: "It is with modesty moderated with confidence that we announce ourselves and state that the event of this week is in all truth the appearance of this paper. It is well to have faith in the fact of one's earnest intention; and our endeavour will be to live and work for the renaissance and self-fulfilment of the British nation. There ought to be a New Britain; such is our hearts' desire, and such is the announcement. A new world and a better humanity must arise out of the present upheaval in human existence if that existence itself is not to be fatally thwarted. The moment has come for British men and women to take charge of their national destiny. In the dark labyrinth of the human crisis it is right for Britain to lighten the darkness and find the way."  CBP talks about Dimitri Mitrinovic [the "c" in this surname has an acute accent over it in , a "strange but attractive Serbian", who was part of the New Britain group. Mitrinovic, under the pseudonym M. M. Cosmoi, wrote a series of two-page articles called "World Affairs" which ran for ten weeks. These articles examined the condition of mankind and became surrounded by controversy. The journal featured several articles but such as Frederick Soddy, Eimar O'Duffy, J.F.C. Fuller , C.B. Purdom, J.f.C. Fuller, Eimar O'Duffy, Arthur Kitson , S.G. Hobson, Philip Mairet , Karl Polanyi , J. Middleton Murry,  Frederick Soddy ,  Hugh MacDairmid  ,   Odon Por ,  Wyndham Lewis  J. Middleton Murray , Bonamy Dobrree , Liam O'flaherty. etc.


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