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Blog Rare Books issues catalogues dealing with early to late twentieth century fringe political movements, particularly uniformed from The Kibbo Kift Social Credit Green Shirts to the more infamous Blackshirts of Oswald Mosley.   We also cover areas dealing with the "conspiritorial" view of history, Knights Templars, Freemasons, Occult and of course the "mythical" Illuminati,  the most infamous of all secret societies.  We have thousands of books, journals, pamphlets and leaflets, as well as original letters, bulletins etc.  We do our best to describe our material  accurately.  We have large numbers of many  famous journals on sale such as "The New Age Weekly",  earlier issues edited by the famous A.R. Orage, as well as later ones edited by Arthur Brenton, which was the most famous journal promoting Social Credit during the 1920-1940 period.   We also purchase collections from around the Globe.  Please let us know what your looking for, if you are studying for a degree or higher, researching a book, or just plain collecting please let us know your needs and we'll be pleased to help.  We have supplied many leading academics and universities over the years.

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